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Service Enterprises Apprenticeships
Framework – FR02783

Cleaning and Environmental Support Services (England)

Apprenticeship Information

This apprenticeship has been designed with the help of employers to attract new people into the Cleaning and Environmental Support Service sector and to upskill the existing workforce with qualifications at or above Level 2. Cleaning covers a variety of job roles within a wide range of organisations. Job titles could be hygiene operative, specialist cleaner, window cleaner and passenger transport valet.

Level 2, Pathway 1: Cleaning & Support Services

Intermediate Apprenticeship in Cleaning and Environmental Support Services- Pathway 1: Cleaning & Support Services*

*The checklist and workbook for ERR can be found on the Asset Skills website:

Framework – FR03040

Facilities Management (England)

Apprenticeship Information

This Apprenticeship framework, has been designed with the help of employers to attract new people into the Facilities Management (FM) sector and to upskill the existing workforce with qualifications. FM involves providing a quality and cost effective maintenance and care service for a wide range of commercial and public buildings, such as hotels, hospitals, office and shopping complexes, arenas, educational or convention centres. Facilities Managers make sure that facilities such as security, catering and cleaning (referred to as 'soft services') and maintenance and building services (referred to as 'hard services') run smoothly, so that customers can run their businesses efficiently. The sector is also responsible for property and estates management, including energy management and environmental protection.

Level 2, Pathway 1: Facilities Services

Intermediate Apprenticeship in Facilities Services - Pathway 1: Facilities Services*

*The checklist and workbook for ERR can be found on the Asset Skills website: prenticeships.aspx

Framework – FR02996

Funeral Operations and Services (England)

Apprenticeship Information

The Funeral Operations and Services framework at Level 2 are designed to provide apprentices with the knowledge, skills and understanding they require to carry out their job role and to support their future progression within the sector. The Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship framework reflects the requirements of a range of roles within the funeral industry including Funeral Operatives and Funeral Arrangers.

Level 2, Pathway 1: Funeral Operations and Services

Intermediate Apprenticeship in Funeral Operations and Services - Pathway 1: Funeral Operations and Services*

*The ERR unit is contained within the knowledge qualification for all pathways; therefore, evidence for this will be the certificate for this qualification.
What are Apprenticeships?
As employees, apprentices earn a wage and work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. Off the job, usually on a day-release basis, apprentices receive training to work towards nationally recognised qualifications. Anyone living in England, over 16 years-old and not in full-time education can apply.

Apprenticeships can take between one and four years to complete depending on the level of Apprenticeship, the apprentices’ ability and the industry sector. The minimum salary is £2.73 per hour; however, many apprentices earn significantly more.

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