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Regulated Qualifications Framework

The RQF provides a single, simple system for cataloguing qualifications regulated by Ofqual. It can be explained as a bookcase in a library, with qualifications indexed by their level and size. Qualifications at any specific level can vary from one to another, for example in their content and purpose. The Ofqual Register provides details on each qualification

Qualification Level

Levels indicate the difficulty and complexity of the knowledge and skills associated with any qualification. There are eight level supported by three entry levels.

Qualification Size

Size refers to the estimated total amount of time it could typically take to study and be assessed for a qualification. this could be anything from a matter of hours to a number of years of study and different learners could take a variation of time to study for the same qualification. Size is expressed in terms of Total Qualification Time (TQT). The part of that time typically being spent taught or supervised, rather than studying alone, is known as Guided Learning Hours.

Qualifications can sit at different levels, but require similar amounts of study as assessment time. Equally, qualifications at the same level can take different amounts of study and assessment time. For further information, please view the Regulated Qualifications Framework postcard.


Further Information
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